Which Jewelry Display Tray is Best For Your Jewelry?

  • Monday, 22 February 2021
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Which Jewelry Display Tray is Best For Your Jewelry?

If you have an active jewelry business, you know that your inventory will need to be stored in a jewelry display tray on a regular basis. This is true whether you own your business from a storefront or your jewelry is sold online. Having your inventory stored properly is important for both the safety of your customers and for the sale value of your goods. Fortunately there are a variety of different jewelry display trays available to choose from depending upon your needs. Below are some of the most common types of trays used for jewelry displays.

jewelry display tray

Glass Display Trays - These are the most popular and the most practical of all the trays. Typically they are rectangular in shape and made of a thick clear plastic material. The top of the display tray can be opened up revealing your inventory. They are commonly used for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins and broaches. These trays are ideal for displaying rings on the wall as well as rings found in other jewelry such as watches and rings.

Plastic Display Trays - These are the most modern of all the trays. They are usually round in shape and come in a variety of different sizes. These are the perfect trays for showing off the latest jewelry available. While they are very nice to look at they don't really showcase the jewelry itself. They are perfect for showing off rings and pendants, but cannot be used to display bracelets.

Acrylic - These are perhaps the most unique type of jewelry display trays available. They resemble a photo frame in their appearance. Acrylic displays look exactly like a mirror so that the merchandise appears to be on display in a mini-fridge. While they are unique, they work wonderfully for jewelry that is still quite wearable.

Displays are great for displaying jewelry when taking it on trips or to shows. Jewelry can be hidden from view so that it doesn't hinder the appearance while still being easily seen. These trays make a great addition to any jewelry organizer. You can have several displayed at once so that you know which piece is what without having to worry about opening every drawer.

There are a wide variety of jewelry display trays available to the jewelry wearer. These trays help show off jewelry without taking up valuable space in your home. Use your jewelry display wisely and you will never regret having it.

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