How to Choose a Durable 3-Slot Leather Cigar Case

  • Tuesday, 01 June 2021
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How to Choose a Durable 3-Slot Leather Cigar Case

When looking for a durable 3-slot leather cigar case, there are few things you should consider.durable 3 slot leather cigar case You should first determine what your preferences are when it comes to the style, color and design of your case. A lot of men like to have a leather case that is attractive and adds character to their surroundings while others prefer a more subdued, simple look.

You will want to decide if you want a wood or plastic case.durable 3 slot leather cigar case Plastic cases are less expensive but not as durable as a wood case. If you plan on storing your cigars in your pocket or purse for the majority of the time that means you should go with a plastic case. If you will be bringing your cigars in your shirt pocket for an extended period of time a wood case is probably a better choice.

The thickness of your case is also a factor to consider. The thickness should be between one and half inches and should be constructed of a thick leather with a sturdy closure. Many cases will allow for you to add dividers or other accessories on them. This should be noted when purchasing your case. Some people like to have a divider with their cigars in a smaller leather case while others will buy a larger case in order to store multiple cigars at once.

You will also want to purchase a sturdy base for your humidor. You can choose from plastic or wood. Your personal taste will come into play here. If you are a serious collector, you should consider investing in a top of the line humidor. For the casual smoker, a plastic base is probably fine.

There are some accessories you may want to consider depending on your tastes. Some people like to display their cigars in a display case while others may want a jewelry box or caddy. Whichever you choose it is important to make sure it is sturdy and provides you with a way to protect your cigars. There is nothing worse than a humidor or case falling victim to the elements. Cigars can get extremely hot in certain environments and having a way to protect from that is essential.

These are just a few of the items you will need to purchase in order to properly store your cigars. You will also want to consider purchasing a humidifier to help keep your cigars fresh. These are fairly inexpensive but provide an essential service to those that enjoy cigars. When purchasing your leather cigar case make sure to consider the accessories you plan on using it for. This will ensure that it provides proper service for years to come.

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