A Quality Travel Backgammon Sets For Your Needs

  • Sunday, 27 December 2020
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A Quality Travel Backgammon Sets For Your Needs

A high quality travel backgammon set for serious players.quality travel backgammon set Constructed of various fine quality birch wood veneers, it's finished in a durable satin lacquer which accents the wood tone very significantly. Also included are hand-carved wooden checkers with matching fabric dominoes and game tiles, as well as a double cribbage die. There is also an upgraded Queen variant which adds a further level of excitement to your game.

The Queen's size is the same as the original adult size of the game, but with additional complications.quality travel backgammon set The reason for this is the need to accommodate the new scoring system which has been introduced with the Queen's update. This new system features twenty-four counters instead of the usual twenty-six, and they have been arranged in such a way that the squares all rotate in an 'L' pattern so that each player will get four opportunities to act. This provides for more strategic play and less wasted time.

The standard backgammon sets come in basic white with black numbers and are available in two models. These are the Premium Plus and the Classic Plus. The Premium Plus has all of the benefits of a premium quality black playing surface and is made in a very fine quality wood. The Classic Plus has all the wonderful features of the Plus model, but is of a lower weight and is built to last longer than the Classic. Both of these quality black gaming surfaces are available with a choice of either a leather or cloth playing surface.

The backgammon board is also designed to provide maximum comfort and enjoyment when playing. It is manufactured using a special black material that resists moisture and keeps your back warm during long hours of play. The backgammon pieces are also manufactured from this material, so you know that your pieces are strong and durable. The size of the board is limited only by the size of your table. The complete set comes complete with a sixteen-sided gameboard, three dice, two dice shakers, three counters of fine black card stock, and a well-designed and colorful playing tray. The size of the tray is based on the dimensions of your table.

The dice and counters of the backgammon sets include a traditional ivory or black color, and the numbers are made in ivory or black numbers. There are no dice used in the Classic Plus models, and there are veneers on the faces of the counters. The backgammon board is designed so that it can be easily slid from one hand to another. You can hold it right out of the box and begin playing immediately. The Classic Plus model has ivory or black counters, but the Deluxe and Classic Plus include an additional set of black domed dice for use with the black domed counters.

The standard backgammon sets come in four different sizes: the Classic Plus, the Classic, the Extra Large, and the Extra Small. The sizes have been increased slightly for the 2020 release. The new dimensions of the board and pieces will allow for a much larger variety of games to be played on these surfaces, and players will have greater variety in terms of size, shape, and colors when choosing these new sizes.

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