A Quality Travel Backgammon Sets Comes At A Great Price

  • Sunday, 27 December 2020
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A Quality Travel Backgammon Sets Comes At A Great Price

A quality travel backgammon set is an excellent way to improve your game.quality travel backgammon set The first thing you will notice is that you can now play free backgammon online from your computer, without ever leaving the house. There are now many different types of backgammon sets available. You can choose from a cheap travel set that is made from plastic, or you can choose a quality wooden backgammon board and pieces. Some of the more expensive sets will have a great deal of specialized material as well. For example, one of the most impressive and sophisticated sets of backgammon boards and pieces that I have seen was created by a company in Germany that combines high quality pine and oak wood with an extremely heavy glass base.

A medium size high quality travel backgammon set, manufactured from various genuine birch veneers with an exquisite Mahogany finish, it's finished in a high-gloss satin lacquer which imparts an exquisite sheen to the wood. Included are two mahogany game pieces, a lacquered wooden checkerboard, and two fabric padded bags. The dimensions are 27 inches across by nine inches deep. The recommended retail price is around one hundred dollars.

Another top brand of high quality backgammon sets, this one from a small startup company based in Denmark, has a rather interesting design. It is a freestanding rectangular board, about six inches across, with nine large playing stones of various thicknesses attached to four legs, supported by thin veneer. The playing stones are colored black and white, with the larger ones being rubies or emeralds. There is a compartment for carrying the dice separately, and there is also room for two coins. The backgammon instructions are printed on a fabric sleeve.

The most innovative design of the backgammon sets on sale today comes fromteness, a well known manufacturer of backgammon sets and other gaming supplies. This new design comes in a separate three piece set called the Excalibur set. It features two dice with veneers, along with the traditional ivory playing stones. The dice have a hole in the middle so that they can be easily wiped clean, while the larger stones are secured with veneers of real diamonds.

The Excalibur backgammon set contains two decks of playing cards, and each deck has twenty counters. These counters are made of heavy duty plastic, with quality black playing card stock. The playing surface has quality black felt sanded for durability. The complete package of this remarkable backgammon set, produced by a small upstart company in Denmark, is excellent.

The Excalibur set will be available in stores sometime later this year. In the meantime the company is offering an introductory special price of only $75. This includes the set, two standard decks of playing cards, one each of red and white dice with veneers, and a deluxe card storage box. The company plans to deliver these sets in January, but has no firm date for delivery. Customers who want to purchase the Excalibur backgammon sets in December need not delay; the company guarantees delivery in January.

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