A Ladies Leather Pillow Watch Strap From The 1960s

  • Saturday, 06 February 2021
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ladies leather pillow watch strap slot box factory

A Ladies Leather Pillow Watch Strap From The 1960s

The ladies' leather and beaded watch strap watch box factory that was founded back in the 1950's are the original Grand Casino in the heart of North Las Vegas.ladies leather pillow watch strap slot box factory You might have never heard of the factory, but according to Wikipedia it is "A jewelry maker based in North and South Platte, Colorado. It specializes in the manufacturing of watches and jewelry." At first glance, that seems to be pretty much what the company is known for. However there is more to the company than a nice name. The watch strap factory has been known for generations as one of the true craft makers in the industry.

In order to understand how the Grand Casino became known as the legendary "Machines With Wheels" you must understand the history behind the company.ladies leather pillow watch strap slot box factory In 1950 there was a lady by the name of Lucy Burns. Lucy owned her own jewelry shop and as a single mother she had to support her family with whatever little income she could make. One day this lady decided to attend a sewing machine demonstration and apparently fell in love with the machine. She purchased it and brought it home. Shortly after this happened she began making straps for jewelry which would eventually become the watch strap she is known for today.

After she had made all of her straps Lucy started to sell them out to pawn shops. Little did she know that her invention would one day become one of the most famous gadgets in history. As the world sat down and began to appreciate the functionality of the watch her business slowly began to grow. She began to receive more calls from customers that were in need of their particular product and eventually the business grew substantially. This is when she discovered that ladies leather bracelets with beautiful beaded trinkets on them just seemed to spark an interest in her.

Her next move was to create a machine that would duplicate the ladies leather watch strap. She started by creating a wooden frame that held the watch strap while it was being wound. She then covered the frame with fabric and put inset plastic buttons to close and open the watch strap. After making several of these machines she was able to manufacture several different types of watch straps. Each machine would have a different color and shape.

In the late nineteen sixties she was invited to a luncheon meeting with some other prominent women of the time. During this gathering they discussed various projects that were being done by the United States government regarding space travel. Among the topics that were brought up was the matter of sending people into space. Lucy remembered thinking that perhaps such a device might exist that would allow someone to travel to space without spending too much money. It was at this moment that she conceived of the idea for her time traveling machine.

The United States government funded her first machine, the Brabham model 9isch, which was used to test the concept of using electricity for propulsion in aircraft. After this experience she began designing electric powered watches that could be worn on a wrist. After several years of development she was able to create the first electrical watch strap. It was called Brabham's Electrically Wrist Wrap Watch Strap. While the Brabham watch strap was an important step towards the creation of a watch strap that would propel time machines into outer space, it was not the end of the road for the original lady watch strap. Over the years since the original strap has gone through several changes and innovations.

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